Soitiz interviews n3oc0rt3x
Image1- ok mate lets Start with a easy one , where did it all start with you

Kicked off in around 1999 producing with a mate on our grooveboxes, sonic foundry acid and rebirth!
started buying vinyl around 2001 to get more insperation for writting and to hear what the world was serving up.
Started buying uk acid techno as well as the likes of speedy J, Glenn wilson, Chris liebing etc..

2- so who was you’re music influences

I started out (and still am) heavily into ‘band’ music. played drums and guitar from a real young age and just kept going from there.
Influenced from all early 2k hard techno and acid techno. The london acid sound has always had a big part to play for me crossed with euro hard techno.
Not to mention the Melbourne DJ’s that rocked the dancefloors week in week out with the freshest techno sounds.

3- so what was you’re 1st techno record you bought

brought 4 at once first up. 2 Maximum minimum’s, a Smitten and Glenn wilson heros.

4 – can you remember you’re 1st set , where was it and how did it go

I was thrown in the deepend by a local promoter who wanted me and my mate to play a live set but since all of our
stuff was done on the fly we werent overly confident we decided to both do DJ sets. I had a collection of tunes
ranging from d.a.v.e the drummer, Chris and Julian Liberator (soul mantra and 4x4x9 clanking) as well as some local Australian producers..
I was actually quite suprised on how good of a reaction i got from the dancefloor! Considering it was about the 3rd time i had ever touched cdj’s.


5 . vinyl or software whats you’re choice of today

Im actually more into Hardware! I do use software to string it all together but there is nothing like the sound of a real 303 and a real drum machine.
If im DJing its vinyl all the way (except for the occassional PRODUCTION dj sets on CDgay ;))

6- what style do you like most

Fat bangin hard techno and ACID!!!!

7 – whats your thoughts on the techno scene in the uk at the moment

Being in Melbourne i dont have the personal eye into the UK party’s but i can say that its great to see the ‘Next Gen’ of producers and acts stepping it up.
There is a great worldwide techno community out there now and there is some fkn bangin tunes coming out of london from the pioneers and the new comers.
I just hope that we can keep seeing tracks on wax and it all doesnt move to digital..
Im personally Looking forward to having my live set sorted and coming to see it first hand whats happenin around the UK in the near future…

8- who should we be keeping an eye on dj wise , any new talent out there worth checking out

A Melbourne bloke named Dan Fitzgerald who goes by the alias DTM has always made some quality LIVE techno!
Hopefully he will record a few more of his tunes so we dont just have to wait for his sets. Check this one out –

9- you have being writing tunes now for some time yourself , tell us about that who you write with any releases

Mainly work solo now days. Have done a few Remixes and a bunch of Collabs for/with Local Melbourne lads and had
a couple of my tunes released digitally but typically most of my tunes are available as free downloads.
I am definitely open to getting more of my material released and i hope that the future brings a vinyl release or 2!

10- so who do you like to work with in the studio

Always love doing tunes with mates but quite often find myself hard at it alone.. Always show my finished tunes to my mates for feedback.
I hope that i can work more closely with like minded producers and techno friends in the future…

11- whats being you’re worst night on the decks

hahahaha had a couple of funny ones but i guess December last year was a bit of bad luck.
I had helped organize a beachside park squat party here in Melbourne in which DDR and JEROME HILL were over for.
I was responsible for the whole Sound system (transporting, set up, running and packdown) and generator. After having a visit early on in the night from the law we continued to rock on into early morning.
Just as i was about to start my first track @ around 5-6 am the generator ran out of fuel. I ran over and filled it back up and went back to start my set.
During the very first mix the law shows up again and we had to pull the pin. The crowd was well up for it and so was I especially after putting on
such a fkn proper party for DDR and JEROME. Sadly though i didnt get to finish off all my hard work by rocking the floor untill the sun was fully out…

12 well you must have a night that you will always remember .{although the good ones are hard to remember lol}

That would have to be a party ran by my good mate/boss (we do soundsystems together.) Gig was called NEON UNDERGROUND. It was an all Melbourne line up except for KAZU KIMURA.
Massive as warehouse done up to the max, Bangin funktion one sound and quaility tunes.. Huge palm style trees next to speaker stacks. Amazing wire work on an upstairs balcony that looked over the warehouse.
Will never forget that night. I didnt even play at it but it still stands out as one of the most memorble..

13- so where do you see the techno scene in the uk in 10 years time

Hopefully the new wave UK guys like TIKTOK, OB1, AP, ZOID, etc keep going with it. Also hope that some Melbourne names can be reconized in the UK.. ;)

14- out of all the techno Djs worldwide give us you’re top 5

Fk thats a tough one..
I’ve always been a big fan of Julian Liberator.
Its hard to go past D.A.V.E the drummer.
Speedy J’s live sets from the early 2k’s were the fkn Beez. (kreck, analogan and point lank rmx era.)
Thomas Heckmanns live sets from the same era changed my life.
Melbourne DJ – DEE DEE blew my mind time in time out back in the early days (teriyakianarkisaki)
(seriously to many talented people out there but these have always been highlights)

14 – so how would you define you’re techno

Solid banging rythmic techno splashed in Acid with long winding breakdowns. (or something along those lines)

15 – Your most memorable time on the decks

Playing my favourite tracks to well fkn up for it crowds.. To many to mention.

16 , so what has 2012 got installed for you

Continuing with writting and furthering my sound. Getting my tracks bounced into my sampler to get out and touring as much of the world as i can.

well thanks for you’re time and you’re replies any last words comments ect

Support one and other, Keep vinyl alive, Stick to the sound you love and keep it fucking techno..
Respect the sound tech, Dont mix in the Red and play what makes you dance..
Look forward to meeting the worldwide techno family in person in the near future… RESPECT!

Soitiz has n3oc0rt3x booked for a radio show with Nitronoise & Lindsay Green ;)[/size]


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