Soitiz gets to interview Nesbit
ok mate lets Start with a easy one , where did it all start with you ?
.i got my first pair of decks wen i was 8 , beltdrive and hard work to beat match but i had a silly amount of passion for it which drove me to learn beatmatching.2- So who was you’re music influences
.I always loved stayupforever and the older in your face punk coming out of London, it was Guy mcaffer aka THE GEEZER that really swayed me into playing live beats and 303 , then my very good friend and Techno partner Owen sizer that sealed the deel.

3- So what was you’re 1st techno record you bought
My first Record was Bionic Orange 13 and i still have and love it.

4 – Can you remember you’re 1st set , where was it and how did it go
.I was 12 it was in a woods in ireland, bout 500 plus people and i have to say at first i had the shakes ,bit nervous but after about 5 tunes i loved it,got right into my cutting the fader about. I left the party with a feeling of “this is wat i want to do”.

5 . Vinyl or software whats you’re choice of today
Wen it comes down to it Vinyl is wat i do and wat i love.but since i have been producing i have enjoyed playing out my sounds live, for that il use Laptop+Midi controller& Tb303 ect..

6- What style do you like most
.I like al kinds of music,i enjoy live bands ect.. and i write a lot of different styles but my passion will always be ACID TECHNO.

7 – Whats your thoughts on the techno scene in the uk at the moment
My thoughts on the scene ….. i think that Techno is very much live and kicking,theres forever new talent and i enjoy watching the music production in the uk flow.The scene i have always been apart of has always been more like a Techno family to me!! I think its nice when music brings people together and have a good time with it.Because after all isn’t that what its all about.

8- Who should we be keeping an eye on dj wise , any new talent out there worth checking out
.Oh god thats a good one ….. I think theres alot of really good producers and djs out there.. but to name some out it would have to be … Steve mills,AP,Owen Acid,OB1,Phil Devious,Ceri Suss Lear,The badger,piers,Justine E,Nitro Noize,Josh Jones.

9- You have being writing tunes now for some time yourself , tell us about that who you write with any releases
I have been producing Acid Techno/Techno for about 3 years,I work well on my own but im always happiest making beats with other producers such as , Owen Acid,Kieron sidoli,Phil Devious,King Mental,Damien Thornton and Benji303 and much more..Releases are far and between .. releasing a lot of work on our own label “Audio Eargasm Records” which will be doing digi and vinyl releases later in the year.

10- So who do you like to work with in the studio
Il work with anyone thats is inspired and basically have a laid back approach to producing because i really feel that there should be a sense of fun but also a decent amount of respect for wat there doing.

11- Whats being you’re worst night on the decks
wen i was 14 a record jumped and faffed my whole mix up but looking back on it i found i enjoyed the set more because i had to work it back up again and i love that.if a dj was perfect all the time and seamless how would they learn how to a crowd..

12 Well you must have a night that you will always remember .{although the good ones are hard to remember lol}
My aunties 50th birthday down in soffolk ,we had Guy – the geezer come down and play live and we got on really well and was an amazing night with a wicked vibe.

13- So where do you see the techno scene in the uk in 10 years time
oh my god thats a hard one!Well i think aslong as people want to go out ,have a stomp meet lovely people ,and basicly love filthy acid and hard banging beats Techno will always hold strong and so will the scene.

14- Out of all the techno Djs worldwide give us you’re top 5
1.The Geezer
2.Chris Liberator
3.Jeff Mills

15 – So how would you define you’re techno
Because im from London i try to bring out that London Acid sound but slowly easing a new style in thats my own and fresh.

16- Your most memorable time on the decks
wen i did a backspin on the technic 1210 but then it kicked back in, in time, so i carried on lol.

17 , So what has 2012 got installed for you
Keep writting tunes for Acid techno lovers everwere! and getting our vinyl releases out there for the djs and techno mentalist..and well basicly loving every second of the year to come ….

thanks for your time and its nice to be asked what do i think..


Jared Thurlow Blyth .



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