1- Ok mate lets start with a easy one, where did it all start with you ?
Well, I’ve been interested in music production since the late 90s when I bought my first bit of kit… an MC-303, which I then proceeded to abuse by making dreadful trancy style tunes. But it was a good way to learn the basics, I suppose.2- So who was you’re music influences ?
I have a wide taste in music, it would be hard to narrow down influences to a managable list! But if we’re talking techno, obviously Liberators would be there, Immersion, Geezer, etc. Also the old Detroit and Chicago acid producers have always been a big influence… Phuture’s Acid Tracks is pure acidic genious!

3- So what was you’re 1st techno record you bought ?
I think it was A&E Dept. – The Rabbit’s Name Was. Proper acid techno that! Still love that one!

4- Can you remember you’re 1st set , where was it and how did it go ?
Still yet to play a set… but looking forward to it, one day!

5- Vinyl or software whats you’re choice of today ?
I’m no DJ, but something about vinyl excites me. It has a sound, a character that just seems to be lacking in digital media. Playing vinyl is fun! Whacking on a playlist in VLC just doesn’t cut the mustard! Another question would be analogue or digital synths… analogue all the way!

6- What style do you like most ?
I really love the classic London Acid sound from the 90s. It’s a sound that I try to achieve in my music. A bit rough and ready! I say “achieve” but really I just can’t be arsed with the technical side of production! Also I don’t have masses of processing equipment or nice plug-ins to use. Also really enjoying some of the harder acid around at the moment… Mr. Gasmask for example, Mark Hawkins and a mate of mine JE:5, whom I’m hoping to work with soon.

7- Whats your thoughts on the techno scene in the uk at the moment ?
After a bit of a lull, it seems to be all systems go! There’s loads of amazing tunes being put out there at the moment, and the demand for acid and techno nights appears to be growing. If you go on SoundCloud, MixCloud, BaceFook you can’t move for Acid Techno! Winner!!

8- Who should we be keeping an eye on dj wise , any new talent out there worth checking out ?
A few DJs have stood out for me recently… Tassid is one, Chronicle of Rabbits is another, and DJ Yelo-Tera. Also Jonnie Darko has put out some quality mixes (with highly imaginitive titles!), and very much enjoy listening to DJ Black Francis. And of course Placid hits the spot for old school acid house sets!

9- You have being writing tunes now for some time yourself , tell us about that who you write with any releases ?
Yes, as I mentioned before, I’ve been into production for quite some time. But really didn’t get much done in the 00s for one reason or another. Only relatively recently have I rekindled the interest, streamlined the studio to essential gear and fired up the old synths, and I’m really enjoying it again! Up until now, I have pretty much worked alone, but I’m looking forward to collaborating if the opportunity arises. I have had a couple of words here and there with people about the possibility of releases: Steve Mills for his BrainGravy label, Olly Berry for his CDJ303 and he has been very encouraging over the past months too… also your good self Swifty

10- So who do you like to work with in the studio ?
As I said, so far I’ve been flying solo. Hopefully I will be working with Jesse Hall (aka JE:5) in the near future on some live acid sets, something I’m really looking forward to!


11- Whats being you’re worst night on the decks ?
Not really applicable to me

12- Well you must have a night that you will always remember, Club Experience , Free Party , Festival ?
I think my most memorable night out was being lucky enough to catch Orbital’s awesome set at Glastonbury 94. It had a profound effect on me and sealed the deal when it came to my attitude towards electronic music. There have been many other amazing nights out during years of London and outdoor partying, but the old memory is a bit sketchy these days. Occupational hazard I guess!

13- So where do you see the techno scene in the uk in 10 years time ?
If things keep on the way they are, the sky’s the limit! A lot can happen in 10 years… maybe Chris Liberator will be Prime Minister by then, heheh.

14- Out of all the techno Djs worldwide give us you’re top 5 ?
Bloody hell, that’s a tricky one! If I have to pick just five, I’d have to say, in no particular order:
Ritchie Hawtin
Dave Clarke
Lawrie Immersion
Carl Cox
Chris Liberator

15- So how would you define you’re techno ?
I wouldn’t really define my techno… it’s just acid I guess, but I do like to inject a bit of cheekiness into it

16- Your most memorable time on the decks ?
The only time I ever went on the decks… I was rubbish and never tried again!

17- So what has 2012 got installed for you ?
More of the same really. Concentrating on live acid jamming at the moment, hoping to eventually start playing out for people. I’ll be working on some new material with a view to getting some stuff released this year too. Also working on my Swarm Audio business building bespoke, electronic musical devices. Onwards and upwards I hope!

Well thanks for you’re time and you’re replies any last words comments ect ?
Just to say thanks to everyone who has supported and encouraged me over the years, big love!
And also to shamelessy plug Swarm Audio … 1802880073


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